Multi-use Baby Blankets

It all started with a baby who wouldn't sleep unless he was holding someone's finger. We tried substituting soft toys, rolled up corners of blankets, nothing worked, and he would wake up the minute the adult finger moved. There were also other issues driving me crazy: worthless stroller umbrellas to block the sun that would blow away with the slightest wind; blankets that would slowly roll off the stroller while I was pushing it around; and my baby was too fat to fit into the Baby Bjorn with a coat on, so using it in the winter meant tying blankets or coats to me or the straps somehow....all of which motivated the creation of the Multi-use Baby Blanket that I call the Tanta Manta (the everything blanket). I used organic cotton on one side and soft, thick polar fleece on the other to make a durable and soft blanket with 2 "fingers" at each corner. These fingers can be used to tie onto anything or each other to allow you to cover your baby in most places and situations, for warmth or blocking the sun, or covering your baby while nursing, or tie the ends together to make a sack for getting the dredges out of the stroller or can probably think of more uses, but the blanket can also just be used as a baby blanket and maybe, just maybe, your child will like holding it and fall asleep faster.

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